Tumwebaze Blasts Besigye Over 1M teacher salary promise

Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze has criticized Besigye’s promise to pay primary school teachers 1 million salary per month when elected into office.

Kampala and presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze
Kampala and presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze

In a comment posted on his Facebook page, Tumwebaze argued that while it would be good to pledge Shs1million salary, it can result into unsustainable huge recurrent expenditure.

“It’s good for Dr. Besigye to pledge Shs1m per month for a primary teacher. And with the current numbers of about 130,000 government enrolled teachers, Shs1m per month per teacher translates to Shs130billion per month and 1.6trillion per year,” he said.

He added; “While this would be a good dream for the teachers, the question here is; how will Besigye finance sustainably that huge recurrent expenditure without causing adverse effects to the economy? Will he order job cuts?”

Tumwebaze also questioned Besigye’s promise asking whether he will not pay and increase salaries of other equally deserving civil servants (doctors, nurses, police, army etc.) some of whom earn much less than a primary teacher.

Or if he will quadruple the current tax rates so as to raise the required revenues?

While addressing a rally in Lyantonde lastweek, Besigye said he will abolish Resident District Commissioner system and presidential advisors in order to raise promised UGX1m per month for teachers.

President Museveni has more than 100 presidential advisors who earn more than UGX2.6m per month.

Besigye said he will have 20 ministers, 20 state ministers who will also be his advisors.

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