Uganda Misses Out on the 12 most sexually satisfied countries

You’ll notice something depressing about this list of the most sexually satisfied countries – Uganda isn’t on it.


Neither is America. In fact, the study by Durex shows that people in other countries are having up to 70 times more sex than those in the US.

The Sexual Wellbeing survey interviewed 26,000 people, aged 16 and older, across 26 countries.

It found that countries where people are more socially liberal about sex tend to have lower rates of STDs, teen pregnancies and abortions.

Durex define the key emotional drivers of sexual satisfaction as feeling close to your partner, having an exciting sex life, free from sexual dysfunction and a good first sexual experience.

The physical drivers include being free from stress and having good mental and physical health. Frequency of sex and foreplay plays a part to. s

According to Durex: ‘Achieving orgasm is a key driver of sexual satisfaction. Just 48 per cent of us said that they usually orgasm.

‘Globally, twice as many men (64 per cent) as women regularly have orgasms.’

Here are the countries that are sexually fine.


  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • The Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Germany
  • China

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