Zungululu’s Kyeyune Joins Politics

City comedian and the voice behind NTV’s Zungululu segment Ivan Kyeyune has joined the long list of entertainers to join politics.

Ivan Kyeyune

Snoops have established that he recently revealed his intentions to contest for Member of Parliament for Nakasongola Constituency in the forth-coming elections.

He is contesting as an independent candidate.

Kyeyune is so confident that eve believes he is the best candidate to represent the people.

In fact, to show how serious he is, he recently went back to his former school UMCAT School of Journalism to certify his academic documents.

Kyeyune, who also hosts the morning show on Radio Simba, says that the low standard of education and health care services has propelled him to join the race to help bring better and improved services to his community.

Asked how he was going to fund his campaign as an independent, Ivan said he hatched his dream to lead Nakasongola five years ago and he has been working towards bringing this dream to life.

He says he has been saving money raised through his jobs and company dealing in events and media management.

Kyeyune also says that he will soon retire his radio career to concentrate on serving the people of Nakasongola.

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