Gov’t Pledges Ready Market For Kiira Motors

Government of Uganda has pledged to be number one client for the first of its kind motor vehicle manufacturing plant in Uganda; Kiira Motors Corporation.


This was revealed by Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, during the launching ceremony of the car manufacturing plant at President’s office in Kampala on Monday.

“When NRM Government took over power in 1986, President Museveni pledged to usher in a fundamental change, and the coming in of Kiira Motors car manufacturing plant is evidence of the fundamental changes Ugandans are to enjoying”, said Rugunda, amidst applause from participants at the launching ceremony.

Rugunda added that Kiira Motors Corporation shall save Government from spending huge sums of foreign exchange in the procurement, transport and other charges incurred in importing vehicles from abroad.

“In addition, Kiira motors corporation is expected to absorb majority youth in their workforce man power, thereby contributing to the economic wellbeing of these youth”, he added, further saying the motor vehicle manufacturing plant has come at a time, when Ugandans need to emancipate themselves from the habit of importing reconditioned vehicles that are prone to road accidents, pollution hazards and congesting of roads.

Many successful business people, dignitaries and technocrats were full of optimism for the newly born Kiira Motors Corporation.

They spoke of huge opportunities, awaiting ahead of the venture. Kiira Motors President Robert Kokx labored to lecture about the successes of motor vehicle manufacturing plants in the region.

He cited the example of South Africa motor vehicle manufacturing industry, saying they stated from a humble beginning and now South Africa stands as one of highly competitive motor vehicle manufacturing country in the world.

“South Africa car manufacturers started from a humble beginning, but are now manufacturers of modern Mercedes Benz, BMWs and other motor vehicle models”, said Kokx, adding that there is need for Uganda to partner with other giant motor vehicle manufacturing countries, such as India, Japan and South Africa.

“South Africa motor vehicle manufactures want the entire of Africa developed”, he added.

A successful business man, Ambassador Hajji Habib Kagimu reminded those present of the need for Uganda to retain and attract skilled Ugandans, through putting in place economic ventures such as motor vehicle manufacturing. “There are many Ugandans working in Europe, America and Asia in different car manufacturing plants, which is why Government should encourage these economic ventures in our country to bring these qualified Ugandans back”, he said, adding that motor vehicle manufacturing is not difficult and that Ugandans of all walks of life are able to be trained in the field, in the shortest period possible.

Kirra Motors Chief Executive Officer Paul Isaac Musasizi cautioned Ugandans on the need to protect Intellectual Property Rights, calling upon stakeholders in the Kiira Motor Corporation, of the need to protect their innovation skills in the car manufacturing industry, to avoid other unscrupulous companies from producing Kiira motor vehicle counterfeits.

“This is in line with protecting our reputation and guaranteeing quality production of motor vehicles. Regarding the affordability of the vehicles to ordinary Ugandans, Musasizi said the cost of the cars shall range between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000.

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