HOOKED!!! Kabareebe Finally New Bean Tormentor

Faded city model and sex siren Doreen Kabareebe has finally landed a guy after braving several cold nights alone.

CURVACEOUS; Doreen Kabareebe

Ever since Doreen was pushed out of the modeling industry by upcoming and fresh models, men have not been easy to come by for the curvy ex-catwalk queen.

However, after exiling herself from the socials scene to concentrate on her books at Entebbe based Nkumba University, Kabareebe has finally found love and is said to be in a committed relationship.

Sources reveal Kabareebe has been secretly seeing her yet to be identified dude for over six months and the smitten couple only hangs out in Entebbe where they are said to be living together already.

The identity of her lover is only known to a few close pals and even when they are out, she avoids getting snapped with him.

Over the weekend, Kabareebe and her dude were out on a date in Entebbe but avoided being snapped together for reasons only known to them.

Even when our snoops tried to take a picture of them together, Kabareebe’s dude hid his face behind her hair.

Kabareebe's lover hides his face behind her hair
Kabareebe’s lover hides his face behind her hair

However, what was evident is that the two are so into each other that they always have their hands on each other when out.

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