I didn’t want to mediate in Burundi- M7


President Museveni has said he never wanted to mediate talks to end crisis in Burundi following what happened in when he mediated talks between rebels and government of Democratic of Congo.


Speaking at the re launch of dialogue at State House Entebbe yesterday, Museveni however called for the end of violence in Burundi.

“I didn’t want to mediate in Burundi following what happened in DRC. I wasn’t happy with what happened in DRC. If God wanted, I would be in heaven by now. Since I am still here, I agreed to mediate Burundi talks,” Museveni said.

He added; “I appeal to the two sides to sit down and have a political solution so that you save our people and their opportunities. You are fighting for political positions but after it all, you will have no where to start, then you shall beg donors. You are fighting for political posts but you’re killing the economy which is the base of Burundi.”

Museveni said Burundi had succeeded in dealing with pseudo-ideology of sectarianism but somehow they lost battle along the way.

He noted that here is a problem in Burundi but due to sovereignty, “we can’t go in. 1 million people died in Rwanda due to the same issue.” Museveni warned Burundi leaders saying, “If you are only looking out for power, then you are an enemy to the people.”

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