Kahinda Otafiire warns NRM on Disrupting Mbabazi Rallies

Embattled Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Major General Kahinda Otafiire has warned National Resistance Movement (NRM) to stop interfering in rallies of Amama Mbabazi.

Major General Kahinda Otafiire

His comment comes at the backdrop of yesterday’s standoff between Amama Mbabazi and President Museveni supporters in Ntungamo where the former was hosting a rally.

Kahinda while appearing on NBS TV today morning, he said that while NRM have the right to freedom of expression, it is wrong to interfere with the rallies of Mbabazi.

“NRM supporters have a right of freedom of expression and assembly but should not interfere with rights of others,” he said, adding “Disrupting rallies of competitors is not a party policy. I blame both sides. There’s need for restraint from all sides.”

He said the two camps should bring their supporters to order.

“I urge my friend Mbabazi to bring his people to order and urge NRM supporters to desist from provoking other side.”

Kahinda said it is only NRM supporters who were being whipped.

He retaliated the earlier stance that he is still a member of NRM though contesting as an Independent.

“I am NRM. I’ve always been. Will always be. Even when I am seeking reelection as an independent.”

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