M7 Knows Defeat In This Election Is Real—Mbabazi

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has said president Museveni is aware he can be defeated in the coming polls.

mbabazi sevo

Mbabazi yesterday argued that it is because of this fear that Museveni who contesting to extend his 30yr reign is panicking which is wrong.

“The President knows that the prospect of defeat in this election is real and sadly he has chosen panic which is a wrong button,” Mbabazi said, adding, “The country has been turned into a police state and this is even more reason for change.”

Mbabazi said he has been with Museveni for the past 30yrs and they had never had four rallies a day. He opined that it is panic that is forcing him to over-campaign.

He retaliated his earlier claims that police is working on orders of president Museveni.

“I know that police cannot fire teargas and bullets without an order from the President. He knows what’s happening.”

Mbabazi said Uganda cannot have a free and fair election in the circumstances when a candidate is campaigning and ordering the blocking of others.

On Museveni handing over power, he said, “I have heard that the President promised to not hand over power to me or Besigye. He is not serious about that pledge, I know.”

He said he is neither fighting the state nor National Resistance Movement.

“I am not fighting the state, I am not fighting NRM, and I am exercising my right to present ideas for people to choose the leadership they want”

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