Radio & Weasel trash Breakup Rumours

Last month, there was rumour that dynamic duo Radio & Weasel had parted ways over the Shs400m they received from NRM to perform ‘Neera’ at president Museveni’s campaign rallies.

Radio and Weasel
Radio and Weasel

The situation was worsened when the singers appeared at Museveni’s dinner separately and even sat on opposite sides.

However, the ‘Juicy Juicy’ hit makers have trashed the break up rumours saying they are still strong and nothing could come between them.

In fact, to prove to all doubters, Radio & Weasel will be travelling together to Jinja next weekend where they have a concert on 5th at TransAfrica organized by Az Laface.

Radio confirmed this saying that if they were broken up, they wouldn’t have agreed to perform in Jinja together.

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