TMT Boss Gitawo Throws Mega Pre- Xmas Bash

TMT boss Cameroon Gitawo real name Chris Mbibo in early Christmas party a head of mega TMT bash of which his crew will host at Kampala’s number one night spot club Guvnor Uganda on December 30th.

Cameroon Gitawo
Cameroon Gitawo

Our snoops revealed to us that Gitawo who is working closely with socialite Meddie Sentongo have decided to throw a pre-party this Saturday  still at the same venue Guvnor as a sign of proving whoever traded in doubt that the main event had earlier been in balance.

As you read this, Gitawo has already alerted TMT members and other renowned socialites in Kampala that weekend plot is Guvnor where drinking and eating will be on the house.

“All you need to carry is appetite and thirst for liquor because Gitawo intends to torture hungry and thirsty Kampala party animals with booze,” snoops overheard a member of TMT assuring pals at Serena.

Gitawo, who jetted into the country early this month, sleeps at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Snoops told us that Gitawo has set a stiff competition to the boss of Rich Gang, Ivan Ssemwanga who also will host his own party on 23rd this month.

“This Friday’s party, Gitawo wants to prove that he is the upcoming Ugandan showbiz tycoon based in South Africa,” snoops said.

Gitawo as he is famously known, was born, raised and studied in Kampala, Uganda.

At the age of 18, he left Uganda for University of South Africa where he graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

In South Africa owns Kristel Property Group manages more than 250 residential houses with a number of students’ accommodation blocks.

It also deals in developing, home renovations and property administration. Gitawo also owns other businesses in the education.

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