Top Police Officer Celebrates a year of Legalised Bonking


Well, there’s no secret about how Mucunguzi Jackson, Makerere University Chief Security Officer and Nagasha Wycklyn, his spent their 1st wedding anniversary yesterday

The two were married on December 6, 2014, at St. Francis Chapel in Makerere. Mucunguzi yesterday showered his wife sweet social media tribute accompanied by sharing photos of him expressing love to her.

Mucunguzi emphasized that his marriage was the right one since he married a true friend as he cannot be tempted to cheat irrespective of the temptations.

“Marriage is a Holly revolution that needs revolutionary methods of work both in light and darkness, you must marry your good friend not a mere partner,” Makerere’s Chief Security Officer said in a face book post.

He vowed to the wife how he has been faithful that even if he calls a press conference, no girl would come.

“At least I can address a press conference that there is girl in campus I had ever inconvenienced show and genuinely no one can show up not that I’m neither tempted nor unable but because I married my dear friend and ever with a college what if!!!lol,” He added.

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