Africell’s mobile data network speeds ranked number one in Uganda

Africell has done it again. From being ranked the best telecom in Uganda in terms of customer service, the giant telecom at the close of last year clinched the top position with the fastest data network speeds.


This not only makes Africell Uganda the market leader in terms of mobile data network speeds, but also gives them a leading position as the fastest telecom with the best nationwide data coverage.

In Uganda, when it comes to choosing mobile internet service, there’s more to put into consideration than just price.

Africell Uganda still has this number one positioning in terms of price comparison when pitted against the other players.

With a considerably low and affordable half a shilling per second rate, Africell is six times cheaper than the nearest competitor whose lowest billing stands at three shillings per second.

Africell has always led the pack with its affordable pricing for data and voice packages which actually saw them launch the “King of the Bundles” in October 2015.

The data of the findings which gave Africell the number one position were extracted from the last 9 months of coverage data and 6 months of speed test data and was last updated on December 1st 2015.

The statistics are the work of Cell network-mapping app, OpenSignal which helps compare speeds and network availability for the most used data carriers in Uganda and around the globe.

Africell scored top honors when it came to network speeds overall putting all network technologies into consideration.

Africell also had unmatched prowess with their 3G, 4G and LTE offerings.

According to the OpenSignal report, Africell has average download data speeds of 4.21 Mbps. With average download speeds of 1.62Mbps, Africell is 4 times faster than the other players.

When it comes to reliability, Africell still leads the way overall with 87.93%. The telecom network greatly improved its ping times from 333 ms previously, to number one with 151 ms. Ping is a utility used to test the reachability of a website on the network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from your device to a destination computer/website and back.

Speaking about the new ranking, Africell Uganda’s Chief Commercial Officer Milad Khairallah says this is in their strategic direction to provide affordable data and voice services at the best speeds and with the widest coverage. “We have always given our customers the fastest speeds at the lowest tariffs with the best quality service. We will continue to deliver in that direction to satisfy our customers. We are the network of choice for all looking for better mobile technology at low prices”

Africell has from last year been investing on their network infrastructure investments especially in the areas of 3G, 4G and LTE technology, a direction that has now earned them the number one telecom in Uganda.

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