BIG SETBACK! Besigye Shunned at Nakaseke Rally

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye looked disappointed during his campaign trail in Nakaseke district on Monday as NRM supporters attempted to block him from addressing his first rally at Kinyogoga.

Besigye addressing on of the 8 rallies he held in Nakaseke Yesterday
Besigye addressing on of the 8 rallies he held in Nakaseke Yesterday

NRM youths wearing NRM branded T-shirts who were cheering President Museveni’s name, attempted to block the FDC entourage moving with Besigye, claiming they never wanted his rally at Kinyogoga trading Centre.

Nakaseke is one of the districts in Buganda that predominantly support NRM and President Yoweri Museveni with Besigye getting only 13% of the Votes in 2011 elections against Museveni’s 83%.

Besigye who appeared not surprised by the conduct of the Kinyogoga NRM youth assured them that all NRM supporters act with caution and they are aware that NRM as a party is a political organization in decline.

He added that people should not accept to be used by the NRM to promote its political interests of consolidating its power yet it has performed miserably on the issue of service delivery.

Although a few people boldly assembled to listen to Besigye’s message, many FDC officials were upset by the conduct of some NRM youth expressing their outrage.

Kizza Besigye also urged people to restrain from intimidating opposition supporters in the district.

He particularly attacked former Finance Minister Syda Bbumba for sponsoring NRM youth to intimidate FDC supporters.

He says the resources spent in targeting opposition supporters should be used to address the social problems faced by the people of Nakaseke like cattle pests, lack of clean water and establishment of good schools and health centers.

However some people claimed they will support Besigye amid intense intimidation although others accused Besigye of keeping them under the sun without refreshments.

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