FDC Condemns M7 Over Remarks That He Can’t Leave Power

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) national chairman Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa has denounced president Museveni’s recent remarks that he cannot leave power now.

FDC Chairman Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa
FDC Chairman Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa

In a press statement released today, Birigwa also condemned the unexplained arrests and disappearance of opposition supporters.

“FDC condemns the unexplained arresting as in some cases disappearance of some opposition supporters. This was billed as an election that would be devoid of intimidation and violence, but it’s far from that,” Birigwa said.

He added, “Add to that the unfortunate remarks attributed to candidate Museveni over the weekend that he would not leave power are of concern. In December, while campaigning in Namutumba he said he cannot leave the oil money to other people and that he will go to the bush.”

He argued that police have been quick to condemn Dr. Besigye’s defiance campaign but when Museveni makes such remarks that could be “criminal in nature,” police looks the other way.

On intimidation, he said that Karoota Kakwebe, a coordinator of FDC in Nyakashashara, in Kirihura district has been in hiding for his life because UPDF soldiers are harassing and intimidating him.

“A certain Major Alice Kukundakwe vandalized our offices carrying away our files and plucked down Dr Besigye’s posters. This case was reported to the police (Kaguta Rd police detach) for criminal trespass and threatening violence. Instead of the police carrying out inquiries, the guns were literally turned on Karoota Kakwebe. He has had to flee his home because he is a wanted man for reporting a case,” he said.

Birigwa said that FDC as a party “despise the methods of intimidation, violence that NRM with the help of the army and police are meting out” on its supporters.

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