From Jiggers To Bedbugs: Jinja Residents Flee Homes

A bedbug infestation in Walukuba, Masese Division in Jinja has forced a number of residents to abandon their homes.


NTV reported that area residents spend sleepless nights due to bedbugs that suck them at night.

“Bedbugs have become a bigger problem than mosquitos. As soon as you enter your bed, they start eating,” a resident was quoted by the television.

The residents say their attempt to get rid of the bedbugs from their houses has yielded no results.

They said that bedbugs increase instead of dying. Residents now want government to intervene with a mass fumigation exercise.

“We spray time and again but bedbugs don’t die. Government should provide us with original insect-sides. We are badly off,” another resident said.

Some locals are blaming Jinja municipal council for infestations.

“The municipal council is confusing us saying that the land belongs to council. Jinja municipal council is denying us an opportunity to build better houses.”

About Bedbugs

Bedbugs feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans; they are attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide, and tend to bite when a person is asleep or still for a period of time.

They favor cracks and crevices in mattresses, cushions, bed frames, in the folds of curtains, behind loose wallpaper, peeling paint or baseboards, and in clothing or other items on the floor.

During a heavy infestation, bedbugs may spread to other items in the room, as well as to adjacent rooms.

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