LAST QUEEN OF KANDAHAR!! Leila Kayondo is not afraid of Swallowing Any Whooper Size

Singer Leila Kayondo kicked off this year making rounds in the media not because of her songs but having a controversial case where she was complainant and the same time standing surety for her accuser.

SK Mbuga with g partner Leila Kayondo
SK Mbuga with g partner Leila Kayondo

This dramatic case saw Leila report an assault case against her lover and businessman Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga at Kabalagala Police Station.

She was mad at police for not arresting Mbuga.

She then used her social media platform and posted photos of her bruised body seeking help from Gen. Kale Kayihura, the police chief.

She accused Kabalagala police officers of conniving with her partner to defeat justice.

The IGP Kale Kayihura then ordered Mbuga’s arrest on the 1st Jan, 2016. The businessman was taken to Makindye court.

The complainant (Leila) had made an additional police statement withdrawing the case.

Later the Court dismissed the dramatic case and the two lovers reconciled.

Red Pepper online unveils Leila Kayondo as the last Queen of kandahar for she’s not afraid of any whooper size!

Eddy Yawe

Leila started her music career in “Dream girls”, an all-girls music group after taking part in a competition that led to the group.

While in the crew, she caught the eye of their then boss, Eddy Yawe.

The two were very inseparable though the time they were in the group with her other fellow members.

Whenever, the group would go for shows in upcountry areas, Eddy who had already become a couple with Leila would only book a room for him and Leila as the other girls would share rooms.

In 2009, Leila left dream girls to go solo. This ended their close contact because he could not have control over her and she was ready to go to test other waters.


After quitting Dream girls, Leila as she is fondly known later got signed to Universal Music label which used to manage and promote the three all –girls singing groups the Chilli Galz, Cyclone ,Kystal babes and Leila Kayondo.  Sources reveal that while still in the Universal label, she was very close to the boss of the music label identified as Roa.

This loaded Asian would cater for all her upkeep and housing bills.

However, when he started developing relationship with other girls in the record label, Leila called it quits and again went solo.

A source intimates that Leila was almost in the label to make the boss happy and she was never booked for any show.

It is upon that background that she left the label complaining that she was fed up of the company because event organizers couldn’t hire her for shows whereby the label would ask for a lot of money and it impeded her from performing yet if they had contacted her in person, she would have taken the money.


After quitting the Universal music label, Leila landed in the hands of John Segawa, who had labored to act as her manager.

The super Casanova who was once notorious for his endless sexcapades was forced to become an artiste manager.

He applied his managing skills on Leila’s music career then but when there were no music events to book for her, he zeroed on managing her other body parts.

The two almost were about to end up becoming man and wife because whenever they would go out, they would later retire to the actor’s pad in Rubaga to plan for the next day’s music activities.

Media dude

If there is any person who knows what to do in all situations, then it is Leila.

After splitting up with her then fulltime manager John Segawa, She sought refuge to her once tight pal Bridget Nisha, singer Jamal Wasswa’s current manager.

Bridget would book for Leila small gigs and at times tag her along Jamal for shows.

However, Bridget started linking her up to loaded male close friends who would pour lots of dime not for performances but to wet other people’s third legs.

After sometime, a top media loaded dude developed more interest in her and showered her with lots of gifts as she would in return shower him with her least water taps.

Geoffrey Lutaaya

It is reported that Da new eagles production singer was once very close to Leila and the two shared some intimate times together.

It is said that apart from having intimate time, rumour has it that Leila was seeking to get connections from big promoters because Lutaaya used to command substance in the local music industry in Uganda before the split of Eagles production.

He would force any music promoter to include a name of any artiste on a given list of artistes to perform at a given event.


At one time Leila was in a long distance relationship with UK ‘Nkuba kyeyo’ dude only identified as Yusuf.

The two hooked up sometime when he was once in Kampala. However, after sometime Leila started having other secret affairs.

This forced some of Yusuf’s pals to get so concerned about Leila’s behaviour and they decided to bust his bubble by telling him the truth.

During that time, Yusuf was reportedly working himself to death so that he could afford to buy Leila the fanciest phone and clothes.

Ibra Renal

Teen event’s organizer of Kadanke Ibrahim Renal Ssebata tried to have a real relationship with Leila but it failed.

It is said that Ibra hooked Leila while he was still working as the manager for Singer Hilderman.

This helped him to get close to her. He promised her heaven on earth by scooping for her events to perform to for better pay check.

However, after enjoying her ‘things’ for some good time, she discovered that there was no future and dumped him.

SK Mbuga

Singer Leila Kayondo is indeed a fighter who doesn’t just quit.

A woman identified as Fatuma Zalwango, tycoon SK Mbuga’s wife came out in public waging a war against the singer accusing her of stealing her man.

Fatuma is a wife to SK Mbuga with whom they have been married for 16 years and together they have four beautiful children.

Leila is her sister who she approached to give her a hand in talking to her husband to help promote her music. Later Leila ended up taking over her sister’s husband.

It involved family members but all in vain. Currently, Leila is publicly known as Mbuga’s official lover in Kampala happening places.

He has showered her with lots of gifts which includes posh cars, a mansion in Buziga and he is bankrolling her music career.

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