Lawyers Visited Charles Rwomushana — Police

Police has said that a team of lawyers were yesterday evening allowed to access Controversial former Political Intelligence Unit boss Charles Rwomushana who was arrested on Friday.

Police's Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye
Police’s Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye

In a press statement last evening, police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye said lawyers were allowed to see Rwomushana at 5:00pm at Special Investigations Division, Kireka.

She said that a team of lawyers led by Andrew Karamagi first visited the Special Investigations Division at Kireka on Saturday where they met Ag. Deputy Director Odong Mark.

“The team led by Mr. Andrew Karamagi arrived at Kireka at around 10:00am. However, they were advised to return at 01:00pm when visitors would be allowed access to the suspects. Visitation hours at Special Investigation Division (S.I.D) are restricted to 07:00 – 08:00am, 01:00-02:00pm and 05:00-06:00pm.,” Namaye clarified in a statement yesterday.

“The Police would like to re-assure the public that Mr. Andrew Karamagi and his team has today at 05:00pm returned and visited Mr. Rwomushana Charles at S.I.D at Kireka without any hindrance.”


However, Namaye said that the delay in accessing the suspect was because Mr. Karamagi presented himself as a friend to Mr. Rwomushana and not as his lawyer. She noted that visitors are encouraged to take note of these visiting hours.

Charles Rwomushana was arrested on Friday after invitation to the police to answer questions in relation to a photo he posted on Facebook purported to be dead body of Christopher Aine, the missing Amama Mbabazi head of security.

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