M7 not fit to lead Uganda — Matembe

Former Minister for ethics and integrity Dr. Miria Matembe has said that incumbent president Museveni who is seeking a fifth term is not fit to lead Uganda.


Appearing on NBS TV today morning, Matembe argued that whereas there is a difference between a party and a state, Museveni is National Resistance Movement (NRM), the state and institutions like Electoral Commission and the police.

“Museveni is not fit to lead this country. As a president, he has to serve both those who support him and those who do not and his inability to respect people’s choices and fellow leaders makes him an amateur,” he argued.

She argued that Museveni who skipped the presidential debate and compared it to secondary school debates lowered himself.

“President Museveni lost it and lowered himself when he equated the presidential debate to high school debates… I was active in debate. I don’t know whether Museveni was a debater in Ntare,” Matembe argued.

“Next time, presidential debate slated for February 10th should take questions from audience and allow more Candidate-to-candidate interaction.”

Opinion polls

“I wouldn’t take New Vision poll that gives President M7 71% serious. What do expect from a state-leaning paper?”

A Museveni critic, Matembe fell out with the regime over the removal of term limits in 2005.

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