Police Task Rwomushana to Produce Aine’s dead body

Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has said that police is demanding Aine’s corpse, the missing Amama Mbabazi head of security from Charles Rwomushana.


In a press statement released yesterday, Enanga said that the police is still investigating all possible ways to trace Aine’s whereabouts.

“We wish to add that although the whereabouts of Aine Christopher are still undetermined, we are investigating several leads and possible avenues, received thus far regarding his alleged disappearance. In addition we demand from Charles Rwomushana, the corpse of Aine Christopher, since he posted images of alleged corpse and maintains belief that it is him,” he said.

Torture Allegations

Enanga also dismissed torture allegations raised by Rwomushana during the process of his arrest and detention, by detectives from the Special Investigations Division, Kireka.

He argued that special investigations division is a friendly environment where suspects in criminal cases are occasionally detained and interviewed in the presence of their legal counsels.

“It must be noted that during his interview, detectives interacted with him in a friendly manner, and recorded his statement without any use of force, threat or intimidation, which he freely endorsed. The claim therefore, that he was tortured while in custody is a product of a deliberate and calculated lie on his part, driven by his hostility against the police and desire to smear them, while seeking sympathy at the same time,” he said.

He tasked Rwomushana provide evidence substantiating his  torture claims for an “internal investigation to be jointly conducted by the Directorate of Legal services and Human Rights, and the Professional Standards Unit.”

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