RELATIONSHIPS: Things Ladies Hate, Tips For A Date

Njuna Yvonne, Relationship Expert

A relationship can only stand strong when there is a mutual understanding, but the ignored little things are the root cause of heartbreaks.

Most ladies fall madly in love and can do anything for that one person that their heart loves.

A couple having a good time out.
A couple having a good time out.

But they too are humans and can be hurt.

Much as forgiveness is the strongest pillar of relationships, most of these small mistakes hurt more than physical wounds and one cannot bare them for long.

The word busy is the most used word in relationships by guys.

Much as the lady understands, they don’t deserve to be fooled.

The heart cannot be denied what it wants.

Working guys tend to use this as an excuse for not communicating and of course cheating as a result.

If you treasure your work or temporally job than the lady you wish to spend the rest of your life with, you end up losing her.

But when you get her a little time and you spoil her, she stands firm.

Constant calls – nothing greater than a ‘hello love’. It is magical and it works.

She feels the care and love you claim. But it does not give you provision for every time calls they tire someone up. They need a little time to think about you.

Lies- ladies have an extra sense; they have an extra feeling especially when they are in love.

When you are thinking about them, they are probably thinking about you as well.

This could imply that even when you go a mile and cheat on her, she will know something is wrong. And one thing that kills a lady’s heart is a lie.

Tips for a Date

The most embarrassing moment is when you don’t do it right on a date.

Like most people say, first impression matters and the mistake you make on your first date may ruin your love life.

Time is an ally of most people. Take note of the time and place you schedule your date.

Make sure the other person also is comfortable with the place.

Make sure you are in comfortable shoes (especially ladies) as well as the dress.

An appropriate dress for an occasion gives a great impression. Try to be at the place 15min to the agreed time.

Contact the other person to let them know in case you are late.

And if you plan to pick up your date (for guys) be there in time.

And if you have a car doesn’t just watch them open the car door but do it for them (especially for guys).

It shows that you are a gentleman enough

Bring on jokes, give your date time to talk and don’t interrupt them when they are talking.

Laugh at every joke they make even when they don’t make you laugh.

Make your date feel free and they will end up opening up to you.

Spend most of the time asking questions about your date other than talking about yourself.

Questions give room for more answers and explanations and though, you get to know your spouse more.

Make eye contact very often for you to get familiar to each other.

Never answer a phone call on a date unless it is an urgent call, but still excuse yourself.

Offer her your jacket- it is romantic. And finally, appreciate their time and request to have the same event again.

By Njuna Yvonne, Relationship Expert

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