Rich Gang Jubilates Over TMT Split

From last week, there have been rumors that TMT member Cameroon Gitawo fleeced SK Mbuga of over 77m and fled the country without saying goodbye.

The Rich Gang
The Rich Gang

After the incident, we’re told the Rich gang—Ivan Ssemwanga, Ed Cheune and King Lawrence are jubilating since their ‘rival’ group seems to be no more.

An inside source tells us of there are preparations to overtake ‘The money Team’ as party of their name.

“They’re thinking of adding the money team onto their name, but they haven’t all decided yet” an inside sure tells us.

Apparently, Katsha De Bank—one of the pioneers of TMT has quit the group, citing jealousy, disloyalty, and betrayal as the major reasons for his quitting.

“I hereby Officially ‪Denounce any affiliations to the money team Africa. i.e. am‪ no longer part of the group – The money team Africa / ‪TMT, You will be gladly informed about the future developments regarding ‪KATSHA” a message appeared on Katsha’s facebook account, which is believed to be run by Shakira Kayihura.

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