Sheebah’s China Boots Betray Her On Stage

Sheebah Karungi has had a very steady career in the past years, but she seems not ready yet to upgrade from her miserable lifestyle.


On Wednesday night, while performing at the Money & Gold party held at Club Guvnor, the ‘Tunywe’ singer got the embarrassment of her life when her long, black netted boots betrayed her live on stage.

Evidently, they were either too old or too fake to handle the pressure of being swung around like sneakers.

They went loose, which made it hard for the singer to continue with her performance, calling for immediate attention.

A certain dude and girl immediately rushed to her rescue, but Sheebah didn’t feel free again…Thanks to her downtown boots.

Meanwhile at the same party, the singer was mobbed by tycoons who splashed dime around her as if she had the express tickets to heaven.


Jack Pamba, Meddie Ssentongo and Cameroon Gitawo rushed soon as they saw her on stage and gave her huge cash, before she chased them, claiming that her life was in danger.

Had she not spoken out, we could here of headlines like ‘Sheebah dies of money’ since the loaded fellas were so determined to shower her till morning.

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