Uganda’s Presidency does not belong to Museveni— Kahinda Otafiire

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Major General Kahinda Otafiire has sent a chilling message to president Museveni never to think about naming a person who will replace him after leaving power.


Troubled Kahinda Otafiire who is contesting as Independent after defeat in National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries late last year by Rtd Capt. Dononzio Mugabe Kahonda warned Museveni that the presidency of Uganda does not belong to him.

“It would be wrong for Gen. Museveni to name anyone to replace him because the presidency of Uganda does not belong to him. That would be a mistake both ideologically and legally,” Kahinda said while addressing media at his home in Mitooma yesterday.

Adding; “His Excellence Gen. Yoweri Museveni does not own the presidency of Uganda. If he did and he could bequeath it, he would not be looking for votes. The office of president does not belong to Museveni. No, it belongs to the people of Uganda.”

He opined that Museveni can only give advice like any other Ugandan on how his successor can be elected.

Kahinda was part of the NRA 1981-86 bush war that brought president Museveni to power and has occupied various positions in government.

Museveni to Respect Constitution

Addressing press conference in West Nile late November, last year, Museveni, 71, said in a that should he be re-elected next year, he would respect the constitutional requirement that a person who is above 75 years cannot contest to become president.

If Museveni respects his word, he will not contest for presidency in 2021.

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