What We are Having is Not a Secondary School Debate-Ogoola

Justice James Ogoola has said that the presidential debates which Inter Religious Council organised is not a secondary school debates as president Museveni claimed last week but a national serious conversation.

Justice James Ogoola

Last week, president Museveni compared the presidential debate to the debate to secondary school debates.

“Debates were activities for school children. At Ntare School, we would travel to Bweranyangi Girls School and Buddo School for debates. Therefore I could not comprehend how prospective national leaders could embrace an activity for school children,” he argued.

Explaining why he did not show at the debate, he said that there was no time for him to travel from western Uganda to Kampala where the debate took place.

However Jusitce Ogoola poured cold water on Museveni’s remarks. “What we are having is not a secondary school debate; it is a national serious conversation about issues that affect this country today, tomorrow and ten years from today.”

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, he revealed that organisations for the second debate slanted for 10th February have kicked off.

“Because of the first debate, the fantastic success of that that first debate, the approval that the people gave it. We are now more than decided to host the second debate,” he said.

The debate will focus on foreign policy. The seven presidential candidates who attended the first debate are expected to grace the second round.

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