Enanga Blasts Kooki cultural leader: You Cannot Be compared To The Vice President

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has blasted Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli, the Kooki cultural leader arguing he resisted arrest.

Kamuswaga arrested
Kamuswaga arrested

Appearing on NBS today morning, Enanga argued that Kamuswaga cannot be compared to the Vice President Edward Sekandi

“The manner in which one is arrested depends on one’s cooperation. The cultural leader resisted. It was quite difficult for VP’s security to ascertain who the Kamuswaga (he resisted to identify himself) hence their reaction,” Enanga said.

Adding; “The Kamuswaga is way down below the Vice President in terms of levels. That protocol needed to be followed.”

Kamuswaga was arrested when he attempted to overtake the entourage of Kiwanuka Sekandi along Masaka-Mutukula Highway on February 2nd.

In a statement issued yesterday, assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye said the incident was unfortunate. “The truly unfortunate incident occurred when the cultural leader who was casually dressed and driving himself, attempted to dangerously overtake the convoy of H.E The Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, in a manner that drew suspicion from his security who arrested him believing he wanted to harm The Vice President” the statement reads.”

He said when the Kale Kayihura leant about the incident, he “intervened and immediately ordered for the release of the cultural leader and extended his apologies to him, his family and the wider Kooki fraternity, over the distress and dishonor it could have caused him.”

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