Jamal’s Ex-Cougar Searching for Bonker

Singer Jamal Wasswa’s ex-cougar Leticia Ssebowa is back in town from Denmark.

Jamal Cougar Leticia (black dress)
Jamal Cougar Leticia (black dress)

However, sources reveal that the ageing momma seems to be on rampage searching for a youthful and energetic dude to drill her oil wells.

She has been sighted in different happening places splashing money on young boys but has not successfully hooked any dude to warm her nights.

On numerous occasions she is seen having reserved tables with expensive drinks hoping to attract fortune hunting dudes in vain.

Leticia is a Danish based cougar that was once in a relationship with singer Jamal but the two bitterly fell out.

After she was dumped, Leticia accused the dread locked singer of being a bum driller and using her for her money.

Jamal retaliated by composing a song titled ‘Kangedde’ revealing how he had to let her go because he had more options for young girls compared to her.

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