Kayihura Vows to Smash Individuals Planning to Announce Parallel Results

Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has revealed that Police is ready to deal with individuals who are planning to start violence by declaring parallel results of the coming presidential elections.


Addressing media yesterday, Kayihura noted that the Police has learnt about groups that are plotting violence.

“we have credible information of plans by individuals who want to promote violence by declaring parallel results to those of the Electoral Commission, attempt uprisings through the transportation of voters immediately after elections and before the declaration of results, incitement to violence through social media, civil disturbance, voter intimidation, burning of petrol stations, armed rebellion through kidnaps/disappearance of opposition politicians, attacks on vulnerable police officers and police posts for guns; to mention but a few,” Kayihura said.

Adding; “We want to inform and assure all Ugandans that we aware of these plans, and have not only adequately, but strategically deployed our manpower and logistics, to counter all forms of threats both domestic and international.”

He said that Police is prepared to protect all Ugandans of a peace-loving nature, and to counter legitimately any form of violence. He asked people to “report any unusual or suspicious activity to the nearest police post or police station, in order to play your part in maintaining law and order.”

Kayihura also appeal to the “general public to make the objective of holding peaceful and credible elections your number one priority as well.”

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