M7 finally pays medical bills of Battered Journalist Andrew Lwanga

On January 17th at a Press Conference in Rwakitura shortly after the President Museveni concluded his campaign trail in Greater Ankole region, Maurice Ochol a reporter with NTV raised the issue of ailing journalist Andrew Lwanga who was allegedly assaulted by a police officer on January 12, 2015.

Andrew Lwanga
Andrew Lwanga

The assault case is still ongoing in court.

Ochol on behalf of the journalists’ fraternity requested for the President’s support towards the medical bills of Lwanga.

The journalists had estimated the costs at over 200million including travel abroad.

On January 18th, President Museveni dispatched Dr. Richard Katungye, a medical officer with the Special Forces Command to immediately check on Lwanga and assess his situation.

Katungye travelled to Muyenga and met Lwanga and his family.

He also examined all the medical records and decided to take Lwanga to Kampala Hospital and checked him in with Dr Mallon Nyati, an orthopaedic surgeon, a specialist in spinal cord surgery.

“My assessment was that after one year of no proper operation, his situation deteriorated. I took Lwanga to Dr. Nyati who said an operation on his back is possible, so we booked him,” Dr. Katungye said.

According to Dr. Katungye, Kampala Hospital gave a full list of all the requirements for the operation and Lwanga’s needs at Kampala Hospital totaling to Shs 10.4million.

After briefing the President, he directed State House to release Shs 20million towards all expenses during and after the operation.

The money was released last week and Lwanga will check in on Tuesday February 9th, 2016 and the operation will be done on Wednesday 10th, 2016.

Early last year, WBS Television cameraman Andrew Lwanga was filming the arrest of youth activists when Old Kampala Police DPC, Joram Mwesigye, ordered his arrested and instructed his men to clobber and flog him on the road side.

The journalist sustained injuries after being beaten and flogged on the tarmac while his camera was damaged as the police kicked him from all sides.

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