Mao uses Besigye like tactics to escape from Police

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao last night was surrounded by police in Gulu district but luckily escaped using what he called Besigye like tactics.

Mao catching up with my 95 year old Angella Ayugi Obur at Apaa
Mao catching up with the 95 year old Angella Ayugi Obur at Apaa

Mao said he was preparing to leave Bungatira in Aswa County, Gulu district where he was conducting civic education when heavily armed police came and surrounded his vehicles.

“The crowd that we had been speaking to at our Wang OO (fireside chat) threatened to confront them and that gave us time to escape their clutches. They had us in their grip for a few moments but we evaded them,” Mao said today morning

Adding; “I know that news went out that we were detained but all that happened is that we were surrounded for some time. We were not actually taken into police custody. But those who were in our convoy seeing that we had disappeared thought we had been arrested.”

Mao bragged that police attempted to chase his entourage but “we used Besigye like tactics to confound and elude them.”

He called upon the police “not to interfere with our cultural civic education which we carry out in our homesteads while sitting around a fire.”

“This is where knowledge is imparted and issues presented and discussed openly,” he added.

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