Mastula, Husband Resume Tubeless Bonking Sessions

Lately, tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastula Mutaasa has been making headlines for releasing a video in which she filmed herself getting naughty with another babe while in a bathtub.

Hajj Fahd Lugobe
Hajj Fahd Lugobe

Latest info is that the sexy babe could have reunited with her estranged husband Hajji Fahad Lugobe.

In a chilling interview with one of our snoops, the mother of one revealed that she and her hubby are back together, even though they haven’t made it public yet.

When asked about the rumours that she doesn’t let her hubby see his son, Mastula was quick to brush them off saying; “That’s a lie… my baby daddy is the sweetest man on earth… and I’m forever his Baibie sweet heart. And he loves and spoils me and his son.”

She further claimed to have never seriously broken up with him, but cited rumour and a short misunderstanding as the only issue they had.


Mastula also told the snoop about the huge business projects she and her hubby are planning, soon after she is done with her Business Administration course in the US.

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