Mbabazi asks Supporters to Defy Ban on Phones at Polling Stations

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has asked his supporters to ignore Electoral Commission directives on the use of phones on the polling stations ahead of Thursday presidential elections.


The Electoral Commission on Friday issued new directives banning smartphones at polling stations.

Eng. Badru Kiggundu said when voters reach at the polling stations, they should switch off their phones.

“When you reach the polling area switch the phone off, vote and leave, do not start negotiating or making calls within the polling area,” he said.

“Please Note! The use of mobile phones, photography, filming is not allowed within the polling station,” a tweet on the Electoral Commission twitter handle says without delving into what informed it to issue the directives.

However, Mbabazi while addressing press in Soroti yesterday questioned the motive of the ban and asked his supporters to go with their phones and cameras

“I understand the electoral commission has banned the usage of telephones & cameras at polling stations. Why? Obviously, they have something to hide,” Mbabazi said.

“So, I encourage our supporters to go with their telephones and cameras and record anything they feel is going wrong. I call on my supporters to maximise their vigilance & to simply reject that line of no phones/no photography. Everything should be recorded,” he added.

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