Mbabazi Regrets Failure to Fight Dictatorship

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has said he regrets failure to realise his capacity in fighting what he called “dictatorship.”


Mbabazi, the former prime minister and National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general however revealed last night during the presidential debate at Serana Hotel that the most important decision of his life is to fight for justice and people’s welfare.

He said the regrettable decision “is not leaving to up to my capacity to fight against the dictatorship every time it showed its face”

“My decision to fight for justice for our people’s welfare. I shall die fighting for our people,” Mbabazi said is the most important.”

On why it took him 30 years to realise that government was not doing the right, Mbabazi said he “realised much earlier, I hoped for change.”

Mbabazi ditched the ruling party last year to pursue his presidential ambitions when he failed to convince president Museveni to step down for him as party flag bearer.

He joined politics in early 1970s when he worked in the Ministry of Commerce during the Idi Amin years. Was an officer in the State Research Bureau intelligence agency.

He joined the Uganda Patriotic Movement party in 1980. He was the head of NRA war external wing. When NRM took over power, Mbabazi served government in various capacities up to 2014.

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