Meddie, Vivian Bahati Worryingly Close

One thing that is no longer a secret about Meddie Ssentongo is that he can bang girls, their relatives and friends.

Meddie Ssentongo with Vivian Bahati
Meddie Ssentongo with Vivian Bahati

The latest information we have is that the wannabe businessman is worryingly close to socialite Vivian Bahati who also happens to be Anita Fabiola’s tight buddy.

The two were spotted getting cozy mid last week club Guvnor, since both find it their favourite hangout.

Meddie did not even get second thoughts about sharing a video of them getting cozy with a caption “Watch Out Lil (little) Bitch”.

Actually he could have been warning Vivian to watch out or she will be chopped by his non-selective machete.

What remains a mystery is the fact that she is tight with Fabiola—Meddie’s ex-lover.

Vivian Bahati
Vivian Bahati

In a recent TV interview, Fabiola claimed to have no links at all left with Meddie unlike Mo Red with whom they’re now friends.

On the flip side, Vivian has been linked to various city dudes including stylist Ahumuza Brian aka Abryanz, as well as Ting Dis Kareem (Zari’s brother).

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