Rich Gang members Arrested In South Africa

South African based Ugandan ‘Sangomas’ popularly known as The Rich Gang have been arrested.

rich gango

Reliable sources have told us that first to be arrested was Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence.

Other members of The Rich Gang include; Ivan Semwanga, Shafiq Katumba (Katsha) and Eddie Kyeyune (Ed Chuene) among others.

“King Lawrence was arrested early this week. However; the reason for his arrest is scanty” a source privy to this information intimated to us.

Much as we are informed that only Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence has been arrested, fears are that all other members of ‘The Rich Gang’ have also been arrested on the same offense.

“These guys stay together and do similar jobs. They have a lot in common not only here in Uganda, but in South Africa and so, if King Lawrence is arrested, so are others.

Interpol Director Asan Kasingye in an interview with this reporter on Thursday confirmed the arrest of Lawrence Kiyingi but quickly said the reason for his arrest is being gathered.

“Somebody called me early last week and told me King Lawrence has been arrested” He confirmed adding, “We have sent information to our colleagues in Pretoria to find out the truth of his arrest in South Africa”

He however added: “There could even be more arrested along with King Lawrence”

Kasingye also noted that the arrest of The Rich Gang members-does not get him by surprise regarding the numerous accusations on the quadruple at his desk both from South Africa and within by members of the public.

“It won’t come to me as a surprise. I have these accusations from South Africa and other members of the public here in Uganda but i want to get proper facts about their arrest”

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