Sheebah’s girl Parades Slim, Unending & Dosing boobs

Sheebah Karungi is fond of hanging out with fellow girls more than guy and one person she will never leave behind is Nina Kankunda.


This slender cute girl is one you would loosely refer to as a Tomboy, but she has all the features of a girl when she decides to flaunt them.

Last Saturday during the Hipipo awards, the sexy pal of singer Sheebah paraded her Unending and dozing boobs to whoever cared to see.

In a black sheer dress with a gold neckline, Nina caused talk and murmurs across the corners of Serena with most people wondering how one can tap such assets.


Much as they looked saggy, her boobs are very soupy and attractive to every sane man with normal balls and a functioning testosterone source.

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