Shock as Kats, Fille split

City events MC and TV presenter Edward Katamba famously known as MC Kats seems so tired and done of juggling Fille’s music career with a relationship….so he’s letting one go.

MC Kats with is girlfriend, Fille Mutoni
MC Kats with his girlfriend, Fille Mutoni

Exclusive reports have emerged that the two have finally called it quits, as regards to management of singer Fille’s career.

Today morning, Kats came out to tell pals and other snoops that she cannot handle the two, after all other manager can do her good as well.

He told Exclusive UG— an online media outlet that “Am just done, I have failed and allowed. I can’t manage both (relationship and career) Adding that “There are many people who want to manage her and am sure she will be fine without me,”

It should be noted that their relationship came to light through this sort of understanding, which could make it hard for the two live as a couple without it.

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