SPEAKING IN TONGUES: Shaka Ssali Endorses Kizza Besigye

Voice of America’s Straight Talk Africa host Dr. Shaka Ssali has said that voting for Museveni in tomorrow’s elections means more of the same in the next five years while Kizza Besigye comes with new dynamics for Uganda.

VOA's Shaka Ssali
VOA’s Shaka Ssali

“With Museveni winning on Thursday we will have more of the same, with Besigye winning, we get a new dynamic,” he said while appearing on NBS TV last night.

Shaka Ssali also apologised for his underperformance during the presidential debate after he was barred from asking president Museveni questions.

On Saturday morning, Red Pepper exclusively reported that Shaka Ssali would not interrogate President Museveni.

It was a condition set by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for their candidate to attend the debate.

A team representing president Museveni on Thursday rejected Voice of America’s Straight Talk Africa host as one of the moderators for the second round of presidential debate.

The ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party team led by Mike Sabalu had asked Inter Religious Council of Uganda-IRCU to drop Shaka Ssali.

Shaka Ssali (C)  was on NBS TV last night
Shaka Ssali (C) was on NBS TV last night

The NRM team argued that Shaka Ssali is anti-Museveni.

They also opined that Shaka Ssali is subjective towards the government and they also claimed that he has been labelling NRM government as “corrupt.”

Indeed, during the debate, Shaka did not ask president Museveni any direct question.

Shaka revealed that he considered withdrawing from the moderation team.

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