Tycoon Kirumira Nearly Lynched At Lutalo concert

Tycoon Godfrey Kirumira is with no doubt one of the most loaded guys in the city, and from the look of things he seems to be using his financial powers to create a desired effect.


However, he met the disappointment and embarrassment of his life on Friday night when fans of David Lutalo bashed him off stage, after attempting to turn the show political.

Apparently, all went well until the tycoon moved to campaign for the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni, which seemed to be in bad taste for the fans.

“Please vote movement because of peace” he echoed in the wild ears of the fans that retaliated by waving FDC (Peace) sign.

They later booed him until the owner of the show David Lutalo came to his rescue by overtaking the Microphone.

It should be noted that on this show, the tycoon splashed dimes on Lutalo, and vowed to add him more 10M for the support of his talent.

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