Uganda is not broke because of Pope’s Visit- Prof Kabwegyere

Minister for special duties in the office of Prime Minister Prof Tarsis Kabwegeyere has penned a letter to Red Pepper clarifying that the country is not suffering from financial crisis as result of Pope’s visit late November, 2015.


Addressing a rally in Kabarole recently, Museveni was quoted saying that he had promised to construct a tea factory in the district but could not fulfil the promise because the government spent a lot of money during the pope visit.

Kabwegyere argued that the Pope’s visit was planned for in advance including the costs.

“Let Ugandans know and all readers if the Red Pepper of Wednesday 27th January, 2015 that the Pope’s visit expenses were no injury to Uganda’s economy,” Kabwegyere stated in a letter dated 28th January.

“They were budged for since His Holiness Pope Francis visit was well prepared for in advance. Instead, Uganda is the richer from not only His Holiness’ blessings but also the benefits from his visit will be with Uganda for centuries.”

In a Budget Framework Paper submitted to Parliament in April 2014, government requested for 5 billion shillings, but the voyage cost may have exceeded the amount.

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