US Calls for Free and Fair Elections in Uganda

United States of America Department of States has rallied groups calling for free and fair elections ahead of presidential and parliamentary polls on Thursday.

Mark C. Toner, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson
Mark C. Toner, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson

In a press statement released on Friday, Department of states Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner called for a levelled ground during the elections.

“As Uganda nears its national elections on February 18, the United States supports the call by many Ugandans, including thousands of youth, for a peaceful, transparent and credible electoral process, before, during, and after the voting,” the statement reads.

Adding; “we strongly urge the government and electoral authorities to ensure a level playing field and transparent process, including through fair application of the law, so that all candidates have an equal opportunity to express their views and voters have the opportunity to hear them.”

Toner called upon members of the security forces and the Crime Preventers, to support the peaceful and fair conduct of polls free from intimidation.

He warned that violence or threats of violence from any group or individual are unacceptable and “those who participate in such acts – regardless of which candidate they support – must be held accountable.”

A number of politicians have spoken what people called inflammatory statements.

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba was recently quoted advising parents not to send their children to bring chaos in Kampala and cause confusion during elections, disrupt peace in the country. She said they would be “shot”

“We call on all parties to refrain from provocative actions or rhetoric that raise tensions and that seek to divide Ugandans rather than bring them together,” the statement added.

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