Church Boy Wins MUK Guild Race

Democratic Party leaning independent candidate Bazil Biddemu Mwotta was on Friday declared the new Makerere university guild president 2016/2017 in a hotly contested race.


He becomes Makerere’s 82nd guild president.

According to the Electoral Commission chairman Roy Ndaula, Mwotta polled a total of 4594 votes representing 36.3%.

He was closely followed by DP’s Ssemboga Roy with 4276 votes (33.6%).

Others were Ssenyonga Simon -1142 (8.96%),Mandela Nkunda (NRM)495 (3.88%), Umar Nsubuga 463 (3.63%), Ismael Kasozi456 (4.58%), Dick Anomugisha (FDC)380 (2.89%),Brian Nassala 451 (3.54%),Fred Luyinda (Go Forward) 275 (2.16%),Shafik Kalyango124 (0.97%),Dennis kiyingi 77 (0.60%), Sos Peter Nviiri 62 (0.49%) and Nicholas Ssekidde45 (0.35%).

According to the Electoral commission Chairman, a total of 13,136 students voted, valid votes were 12,749 and 387 votes were invalid.

He observed that there was a low voter turn up compared to the previous year before hailing the election for being free and fair.

He asked those who are not comfortable with the results to seek legal redress.

Mwotta becomes the third independent candidate in row to win Makerere guild election after the outgoing guild president Bala David Bwiruka and Ivan Bwowe following the dispensation of multi-party politics in 2005.

The guild president is the head of the students’ guild which is the students’ supreme decision-making body charged with the responsibility of ensuring seamless relationship between the university administration and the students.

The guild president serves for a one year non-renewable term in office.

Makerere University chief security officer SSP Jackson Mucunguzi described this year’s Makerere students’ guild presidential elections as “peaceful”.

Police deployed hundreds of officers to maintain order at the university after intelligence revealed that some groups of students were bent on disrupting the polls.

Scenes of jubilation and joy played out as hundreds of Makerere University students poured onto the streets to celebrate Mwotta’s win.

The students paralyzed business and blocked traffic flow as they descended from the university through the eastern gate.

Bazil a second year Bachelor of Arts in Education student has been a Guild Representative Council (GRC) at Makerere and worked at Radio Maria Uganda.

He also founded the Tree Adoption and is a global ambassador for Milky Way Youth Movement.

The 22 year old, went to Kitante primary school, St.Joseph’s Minga seminary for his O level and Kisubi seminary school for his A level.

He is a staunch catholic who does not miss prayers at St. Augustine chapel, Makerere, a reason why they refer to him as a church boy.

By press time no candidate had come out to concede defeat and as well as congratulate him, instead DP’s Roy Ssemboga according to a post on his social media platform Facebook, he has since asked his supporters to remain calm and soon he will communicate his next move.

“I feel proud that you and I participated in a process; its shortcomings withstanding-to contribute to a more democratic and fair Makerere where students’ rights and interests are accorded the sacrosanctity that they deserve. I shall communicate the way forward very soon but for now, God bless you,” he stated.

Among his priorities, guild elect Mwotta intends to tackle; solving the issue of students missing marks when they actually sat for exams, poor internet facilities, degenerating security, handling of private students, unnecessary policies, making sure the university introduces supplementary examinations for students who fail in their final years.

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