City Tyres Lands New Deal

City tyres limited has proved that it is the leading tyre company in Uganda after landing a new deal.


A few weeks ago, city tyres signed a deal with Linglong Co. Limited, a Chinese based tyre company.

The main content of this indicated that city tyres will be the sole company/agent in Uganda to sell Linglong tyres.

“Before this deal, Linglong wanted to deal with whoever wanted.

However, it (Linglong) was disappointed when it discovered that there were so many unscrupulous dealers that were mishandling the tyres between the manufacturer and Uganda,” Kiddu Makubuya, city tyres legal boss told Red Pepper.

He added that after a series of complaints from tyre users in Uganda about under quality of Linglong tyres, an investigation was launched and found out that some dealers in Uganda used to stuff tyres into other tyres so as to avoid paying taxes.

“Ten tyres would be packed inside each other to look as if it was one.

This certainly relaxed the tyres structure and badly affected their quality on the road-something the customers blamed on the manufacturer (Linglong) and city tyres.

This is why Linglong has decided to work with us only as its sole agent in Uganda,” he added, noting that the only genuine Llinglong tyres are found at city tyres centres across the country.

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