Dr. Stella Nyanzi to Put “Free Besigye” Tattoo Under Her Pubic Hair

Controversial Makerere University don Stella Nyanzi has vowed to put a Free President Besigye tattoo her body.


Stella Nyanzi, a Museveni critic says she will hide the tattoo under a bush of pubic hair so that the government doesn’t steal it.

Below is the statement she posted on Facebook

I am going to get a brilliant tattoo on my big black beautiful body. Painted a deep ochre red colour, this tatoo will boldly state, “Free President Kizza Besigye!”

Museveni and his wololos will not be able to shoot the tatoo off my body part with their AK47s. In fact, I will hide the tatoo under a bush of pubic hair so that the government does not steal it like it stole the file of Besigye’s case from the Magistrate’s Court in Kasangati today.

A second tattoo will be hidden in the deep valley between my two buttocks. It will say “Museveni stole the election!”

The post has attracted more than 2,000 likes.

However, she has not fulfilled her earlier promises. For instance, she promised she will roast her clitoris if Museveni wins the presidential elections.

“If Museveni wins the presidential elections in February 2016, I will slowly remove my panties, sit by my burning charcoal-stove, roast my clitoris crunchy black, and use the burnt piece as a crayon to colour the Ugandan flag all black,” she said late January.

It remains unpredictable if she is going to get the free Besigye tattoo as she is promising.

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