Electoral Commission enacted its Own Laws to declare M7 winner—Mbabazi Lawyers

Lawyers representing Amama Mbabazi in the Supreme Court battle challenging re-election of president Museveni have argued that the Electoral Commission enacted its own laws and declared the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate the winner.

mbabazi lawyers

Muhammad Mbabazi, the lead counsel of former prime minister who contested as an independent candidate in the presidential elections today morning submitted that the results announced by the electoral commission were illegal.

“It is our submission that the election wasn’t fair. Electoral Commission enacted it is own results and used them to declare Museveni winner,” he submitted.

“Were the results used legal? Under what law were they used? Do we have to make fresh tallies at district level?”

He argued that the actual results of the presidential elections are in the declaration forms which the petitioner is looking for.

“Our submission is, if there are no DR forms then there are no results…We are saying that the results declared were a nullity,” Muhammad Mbabazi said.

Non-compliance with the voters register and the voters’ cards

Asuman Basalirwa, another lawyer representing Mbabazi submitted that Electoral Commission failed to compile its own voter register after retiring the 2011 register.

“The duty to obtain data for purposes of establishing a national register is an exclusive duty and can’t be given to any other authority,” Basalirwa submitted.

He argued that retiring the register has no basis in law and an attempt to replace the 2011 register with another one was an illegality.

“The law talks about compiling, revising and updating registers NOT retiring them,” Basalilwa submitted.

“Retiring of the register led to disenfranchisement of some people.”

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