FDC Supporters Told Not To Work On Thursdays

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) the leading opposition party in Uganda has asked party supporters to always remain home on Thursdays as it intensifies defiance campaign.


The party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda while addressing media at the party headquarters today said the home imprisonment will be a protest of government’s move to incarcerate party flag bearer Kizza Besigye.

Besigye, a four time presidential candidate has not been allowed to leave his Kasangati home since 19th February, a day after Ugandans went to polls to elect a new president.

“Starting this Thursday we will not be going to work every Thursday of the week and we call upon all Ugandans who voted for [Dr Kizza] Besigye to stay home that day. The home imprisonment will be in protest of the detention of Dr Besigye,” Ssemujju said.

The decision is in line with Besigye’s stance that the party will call for non-violent actions.

“We shall call for non-violent actions that disempower the regime seeking to impose itself on our country. We may have to make some sacrifices and should be prepared to do so. I am confident that our people’s resolve to have non-violent change of leadership for the first time will become a reality in 2016,” Besigye posted on Facebook recently.

The party also asked Ugandans to boycott Museveni activities and those who are supporting his stay in power.

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