Mbabazi Lawyers to Submit New Vote Rigging Evidence

Lawyers representing former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi will today file new evidence in the Supreme Court showing discrepancies in the February 18th presidential elections.

mbabazi lawyers

Mbabazi’s lead counsel Muhammed Mbabazi filed the application yesterday when he told court that declaration forms from Kabale district arrived at the Electoral Commission headquarters on Friday morning.

“Results from Kabale were announced before the server was brought to EC, where did they get these results from without the server?” counsel Mbabazi asked. Adding; “The declaration forms were delivered this morning (Friday) and we would like to be given time to file them as evidence.”

Kiwanuka Kiryowa, one of the lawyers representing president Museveni protested the application saying; “he (Counsel Muhammed Mbabazi) amended his petition after reading the answer and now he wants to raise that issue when we have closed submission.”

“If they were serious about prosecuting this case they would have written to Electoral Commission on the 1st March and ask for the required documents,” Kiryowa said. He asked court to dismiss the application.

Twinobusingye Severino, one of Mbabazi lawyers told court that Electoral Commission Counsel Enos Tumusiime “lied to court in broad day light” when he said that they had availed the documents to Mbabazi.

The court allowed Amama Mbabazi lawyers to file a rejoinder today at 10:30AM and bring the evidence they wanted to bring.

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