Zani Blasts Tubonga Naawe Artists

California based Ugandan musician Susan Basemera alias Zani LadyC popularly known for her Ndoowa song has blasted Ugandan artists who participated in the Tubonga Naawe song.


“It was a deal and you were paid. Why are you hiding, come out and speak. It’s only one singer who has maintained his stand,” said Zani.

“Most Ugandan musicians are beggers, they don’t have the money what I would advise them is to join hands and make a concert that will earn them some little money for survival. They should stop betraying their supporters”

Zani also revealed that today’s Uganda is so political.

“Today’s Uganda is so political. Why didn’t Museveni develop the villages earlier?  Why now? Why didn’t he do it 30 years ago?” Zani questioned Museveni.

She further advised Ugandans to believe in themselves and make Uganda a better country to live in.

“People voted Museveni because they like him, others think when he leaves power we shall have wars. Don’t be scared, don’t be cowards, have strength and trust in yourself, learn who u are  and what you stand for.”

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