Cancer Machine Breakdown: How To Set Up a Radiotherapy Programme

Uganda would need at least $1831843 to have its only radio therapy machine fixed after it reportedly broke down about three weeks ago.


Thousands of cancer patients would have to go to neighbouring countries for their treatment, after the only machine in the east African country was reported broken beyond repair.

Authorities at the Mulago cancer unit said that this would leave many cancer patients without access to the life-saving treatment.

The unit’s spokesperson Christine Namulindwa was quoted saying that out of the 44,000 patients that needed cancer treatment in the country in 2015, at least 75% of them required radio therapy for treatment.

As per one assessment by WHO & IAEA, developing countries like Uganda needs more than one radiation therapy machine per million of population

Follow the link below and read what is needed to set up a radiotherapy machine.

Setting Up a Radiotherapy Programme:

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