Charles Rwomushana speaks out!! Aine is out of Grave

Controversial political analyst Charles Rwomushana who once circulated a dead body picture of Aine Christopher, Amama Mbabazi head of security who re-appeared yesterday says he simply “out of grave.”

Mr Christopher Aine engages in a scuffle with the police in Jinja
Mr Christopher Aine engages in a scuffle with the police in Jinja

Appearing on NBS today morning, Rwomushan raised a number of questions about Aine’s “resurrection” from Tanzania where he was hiding but also defended himself regarding the photo he circulated believed to be Aine’s dead body.

“Aine is out of the grave,” he said.

“We are operating in a complex paradigm. The picture of a dead body is very powerful. We must gamble to wake people up…Some of us do not fear to stumble. We fall and get up quickly. We must march and go get our freedom.”

He said Tanzania should be interested in knowing who kept Aine there.

Charles Rwomushana
Charles Rwomushana

“When and from where did he even make the call? How did Aine leave Uganda without a trace? Legally? Did he enter Tanzania illegally?” he asked.

Rwomushana said he believed in the integrity of the one who gave him the photo but today he believes in the integrity of those carrying Aine’s pictures.

“Once I got the picture, you wanted me to say ‘This is not Aine’? How could that help the call for his return?”

When asked to apologise, he remained defiant, “You never interrogated me on how I got the picture.”

He wondered why Aine first called Gen. Salim Saleh before his mother.

“The first person to call should have been Christopher Aine’s mother. She wept for her “dead” son. Relatives were in court… It is hard to believe that before he called his mother, Aine picked up a phone & called Gen. Salim Saleh.”

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