Go and run your countries — Museveni tells foreigners

President Museveni has lashed at foreign countries that are on his neck over the recent presidential elections and failing democracy in Uganda.


Speaking at the National Resistance Movement (NRM) victory celebrations at Kololo Independence grounds on Saturday, Museveni said he will not accept orders from foreigners.

“I work with foreigners but I don’t accept foreigners to give me orders about Uganda or about anything in the world,” Museveni said.

Adding; “They have got their countries to run, let the go and run them. Uganda is ours and nobody will give us orders here.”

Among the countries giving Museveni sleepless nights is the United States of America.

Political analysts speculate that Washington government is tired of Museveni’s three decades in power and looking for regime change.

United States of America ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac has hurled incessant criticisms at Museveni regime since 18th February presidential election.

Last week she refuted claims that the US government is in bed with Uganda’s opposition to bring down Museveni regime.

In an hour question and answer session on US Embassy Kampala Facebook page on Friday between 11:00AM and midday, Malac stated that United States of America does not have plans for regime change in Uganda.

“The U.S. government does not have a policy or plan for regime change in Uganda,” she stated.

Adding “We do not and have not funded or supported any political party or candidate. We support institutions and the democratic process. As a friend and supporter of Uganda, however, we think it is imperative that we raise our concerns about the political environment here because it ultimately affects Uganda’s future. We want to see a Uganda where every voice is heard and matters.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre Ofwono Opondo said USA is the least competent country to ask other nations for democratic accountability.

“The U.S., which uses raw power to project its influence and interests around the world, is the least competent to ask other nations for democratic accountability. Uganda’s democracy is progressing well and we are satisfied with both the pace and achievements registered so far,” Opondo said.

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